Postaday2011 – The Monday Picture

The suggested topic was what would you have for your last meal? The trouble with this is I don’t know. I might want sausage and chips or possibly Sea Bass. How am I supposed to know, if my last meal is today then I’m having Chicken curry.

A few people have asked me about The Monday Picture, how, why, how do I choose the image all the sort of stuff you might find in an FAQ section of a website.

For those of you that are interested it started about two years ago when my daughter, who lives away, asked if I could email her a picture every week to make Monday mornings a bit more interesting. To begin with these tended to be photographs with speech bubbles or related to something she had told us about work the previous week. It didn’t take long for other people to ask if they could have the picture and so a mailing list started to form. As it was only one office, in one company the pictures could be tailored to suit the audience. Once it escaped to other areas of the country the images had to become more generic.

At the beginning of last year I started to look for a company that could build me an iPhone app for The Monday Picture and it finally launched after a lot of work at the end of August. It is free to download from iTunes and for those who do not have an iPhone there is the email option.

The pictures tend to be whatever I find interesting, if it’s for Christmas or Valentines day then I have tried to do something in keeping with the event but hopefully not predictably so. Last week for the first day of spring we had a daffodil, tomorrow… well you’ll have to wait and see. I have a couple of self imposed rules, as it was a flower last week it will be several weeks before another one is featured unless I decide otherwise. The other one is no faces, I’m trying really hard not to use people shots, tempting as it might be it’s something I’m keen to avoid.

The biggest challenge is coming up with a new image every week, if I’m out shooting somewhere and I see something suitable then that’s one week I don’t have to worry. Sometimes it’s not so easy.

I have to pay the developer a monthly fee to use the software so I am looking for a company to sponsor the app, not huge amounts of money in marketing budget terms, just enough to cover the cost of the licence would be good.

It would help enormously if the number of downloads increased, so if you know someone with an iPhone or iPad tell them about the app and please don’t forget to include that it’s free.

If you want to see more pictures I have just created a Flickr account and I will be uploading images to that over the coming weeks.


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