Postaday2011 – A new skill instantly

Now I have to confess I never watched the Matrix all the way through, I bought it for the (B&O) shop because there were some pretty dazzling sequences that showed of the tellies to their best advantage in it but I never sat through the full thing. Apparently in the film it was possible to download a new skill instantly and that is the premise for this post.

So what skill would I like instantly? Being able to touch type would be a benefit as my fingers would be less painful so we’ll start with that please.

When I sat and thought about this I was considering things like being able to converse fluently in another language – French or Italian would be useful, both would be brilliant. Continuing in this vein a skill I would really like is to be able to talk to the cat. To understand how he sees the world would I think be really interesting. He could then explain what happened to him as a kitten that makes him so timid.


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