Postaday2011 – The best gift…

Possibly the best gift you are ever likely to receive is to be born into a loving family. If you are lucky enough to arrive in a country where famine and disease are not causing death on a daily basis then you have probably hit the jackpot. Throw in good health and you have very little to complain about. But despite a good start many end up out of work, homeless and hungry. These are the people who need our gift of help.

Turning from this slightly gloomy perspective the best gifts are, in my opinion,  love and children.

Re-gifting is also mentioned in the brief for today’s topic. I hate re-gifting I think it’s a low mean spirited way of disposing of something you didn’t want. I know I / we have been the recipients of other peoples unwanted tat. If it’s not something you’re happy to receive then what on earth makes you think someone else will want it?

I particularly hate the concept of Secret Santa. I know there are people who receive presents that they save for such an event. Or worse go out in the sales to buy the cheap rubbish no one else wants – perfect for the Secret Santa bran tub. No! it was rubbish when you bought it and it will still be rubbish when one of your work colleagues pulls it out of the sack. You may put it in anonymously but you can be sure your “fingerprints” will be all over it, people will know it was you. Stop fooling yourselves we all know who you are. If you really think that little of your colleagues then don’t take part. Crawl back into your cave and keep your crappy presents to yourself. We don’t want them.


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