Postaday2011 – Guilty by association

Like many people I like email, it’s quick simple and effective. I like to keep in touch with friends so it was good to receive an email from one of them yesterday afternoon, or so I initially thought.
When I opened it I discovered to my horror that he had sent it to around seventy people and that we were all in the CC box so every other person on that list could see who had received it. So I rang him and asked if this was intentional. Oh yes he replied I wanted as many people as possible to see how many others were getting it, he then added that he had loads more people to send it to.  The email contained details of a new website that promotes a development he is working on and my understanding is that the company is trying to secure further investment for the project.

Now am I the only person who thinks this is disingenuous?

By association he had inferred that I am actively  interested in this line of business which I am not. If I had been commissioned to take photographs or shoot a video I would of course have been pleased to see how it had come together but the images I suspect are all stock off the web. In my opinion this kind of activity is unacceptable. I am never going to invest in this scheme and my only interest is in what my friend is doing with his time.

So I now have seventy new email contacts, if I was less scrupulous I would be adding them to my next mail shot but I won’t.

This is today’s post – 5th April 2011


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