Postaday2011 – Spam mail – you know the sort…

I’ve noticed recently that a certain genre of email is creeping in to my comments box. Fortunately the system is picking it up and filing it as SPAM. I have no desire to purchase any drugs that will enhance anything, I guess you can see where I’m coming from.
Who in their right mind would buy chemicals from complete strangers and then willingly swallow them without knowing the composition of the tablet or what potential damage you could be exposing your body to. Now I’m not going to go all “my body’s a temple” on you because frankly I could do with losing a few pounds myself but I sure as hell am not going to take anything I can buy on the internet. if you want drugs for sexual enhancement or to lose weight I’m reasonably confident that your GP will happily discuss your options in the safety of his or her surgery and if appropriate furnish you with a prescription for said tablets to assist you in achieving your aims.

Sadly we are all exposed to this kind of rubbish, it is the price we pay for having an email account and sooner or later you too will receive invitations to purchase from all corners of the world.

I’ve also been lucky? enough to receive emails that start with I’ve seen your picture, you’re cute, let’s talk. Well if you’ve read my blog, looked on Twitter or any of the other sites I’ve been daft enough to put my image on you will see that I haven’t been cute for some time. it’s a nice opening line but… Then there was the one I blogged about the other day where I was advised that I was due a tax refund, unlikely but a nice idea.

I fear that for every few of us who hit bounce or delete there will another who is hooked in. If any of you have just received notification that you have won a lottery, I’ve had them to and cries for help from people desperate for me to assist them in liberating millions of (choose a currency) from (insert name of African country). All garbage, all deleted. We do live in a very nasty world where sadly gullible and often lonely or elderly people get conned. If you know someone who has received such an email please help them to see it’s nothing more than an attempt to steal their money or as we call it a scam.

PS – This is yesterday’s blog, today’s is coming soon.


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