Postaday2011 – Time slips by….

I skived off yesterday, I did not write my blog and I bet 99.99%, pretty much all of you, who are kind enough to read it didn’t even notice. I don’t mind, I spent a very enjoyable day soaking up the sunshine while I cut grass and read my magazine.
Lunch in the garden consisted of freshly made hot sausage rolls and a glass of Cote du Rhone – sorry Doctor Steve it was that kind of a day. I chilled out. Late in the afternoon we went for a mile and a half walk around the streets where we live. I know this because in a moment of genius and austerity I searched iTunes for a free Pedometer app. The one I downloaded is called Pedometer for free by MAXX CA APPS. Not the most imaginative of names but as they say it does what it says on the tin. I’ll let you know when I’ve used it a bit more whether it’s a winner or not. As we walked briskly up the first shallow incline we passed the time trying to convert my suspected weight in stones and pounds into kilos for the app. I need to get weighed although this could lead to an urgent desire for chocolate brought on by sudden bout of misery.

I have noticed and it’s certainly true what they say that as you get older time goes more quickly. Working self-employed with all the domestic distractions encroaching on your concentration I can also see why people who have retired say they don’t know where they found the time to go to work. It is a challenge and one of the things I find essential is to talk to people, it doesn’t really matter who, it could be the postman or the checkout lady in Waitrose but conversation is what stops you losing the plot. It also eats time.

On the subject of Waitrose, I went to buy bread yesterday for breakfast, now I will admit a large segment of the hours before midday had passed by the time I got there but out of curiosity I looked for croissant on the loose bread display. None to be seen nor was there any indication that there had been any earlier in the morning. Not a crumb of flaked pastry or a price ticket to be spied.  Intrigued I asked at the customer help desk if the French staple of petit dejeuner had been discontinued. A call to a colleague in Bakery revealed that they would arrive at lunchtime. Now this seems a bit odd to me, I have eaten very good croissant half way up the Tour Eiffel mid afternoon but it’s not normal. It begs the question are they being delivered ready to be cooked for tomorrow morning or are they arriving ready to sell in the afternoon? The former is acceptable but if they are destined for the shelves after lunch they will be inedible by opening time on Sunday.  Who buys croissant on a Saturday afternoon?

You can see how my time disappears troubled by such conundrums.

I don’t know where today has gone, more time in the garden, two magazines finished. I do feel if I am paying for them I should read the majority of the articles in them.
I would recommend Intelligent Life to you.  It’s quarterly and very well written. There is a very moving – well I found it so, article on breaking bad news. Invariably death and how the approach of medical profession, the Police and the military has changed for the better.

I have stuff to do, so enjoy your evening.


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