Postaday2011 – Save the puppies!

This is a topic from a few days ago that I have come back to… there’s this train about to run over a big pile of puppies, you can save the puppies by sacrificing a smaller pile of puppies on a different track by pulling a lever. When I first read this my reaction was this is daft but if you sit and think about it for a few moments…

Sadly there are people who have been forced into making such decisions but with their children – which one do I save. On the news it is not uncommon to hear from someone who survived a house fire where they could only save one child at a time and the one that got out first survived and those those left behind, through no fault of the parent, perished. How do you choose between your children as to who goes first?

Similar stories are reported almost every day  from developing country where there is simply not enough food to feed all the children, some go hungry and die, it is a fact of life and horrible as it may seem to us there are people making these kind of terrible decisions on a daily basis. And then there are the tales of heroism, self sacrifice like the example of the boy in Australia who asked for his brother to be saved first.

So my initial reaction to the save the puppies idea was wrong, I mustn’t judge the topic too quickly.


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