Postaday2011 – Rant !

There are times when it is almost impossible to avoid having a go at the person at the other end of the phone. I have in the last twelve months had rows with a high street bank because of their inability to follow simple instructions given to them by the local branch. An insurance company who although offering “protected no claims” discount put the premium up because they were unable to claim the money back after my parked car was damaged. A recruitment agency who neither return my calls or my emails and a utilities company that cancelled two direct debits because the name on the account changed.

But in the end it’s futile. The person at the other end of the phone just thinks you’re a tosser and the only redress you have is to go elsewhere.
I don’t subscribe to the fallacy  that you become grumpier as you get older as exemplified by programmes such as Grumpy Old Men / Women, I think with age comes experience and we, certainly I have, become less tolerant of inefficiency. Why does a bank employee in one department disregard instructions from a branch manager and do what they think is correct when they have received clear instructions as to what is required? The knock on effect took me weeks to sort out and all I got was a wishy washy letter from someone higher up in the department assuring me that steps had been taken etc. I bet it still happens.
Insurance companies will always find a way of recouping their losses and it will be you and I that end up footing the bill.
The modern recruitment agency overwhelmed with applications by email scans the few that stand out and the rest get binned. Why should they care if it took you a couple of hours to write your application? The days of personal service have gone, that’s why they are recruitment and not personnel recruitment agencies. Anything to do with a personal service has been erased in the drive for efficiency and hitting a target – let’s hope it’s a moving one.

Ultimately ranting does only one thing, ups my blood pressure and apparently that’s not good for me.  You’ll notice I haven’t named any of the companies, that is because there is a saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. On that basis I’m not going to because the last thing they deserve is your attention.


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