Postaday2011 – What would I do?

The question posed is what would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

The oft trotted out response from lottery winners as to what they will do for the rest of their newly endowed lives is nothing, retire grow old gracefully except that doing nothing is very boring after a while. You can only buy so many cars and you can only drive them one at a time. A few say they will continue to work but it must be difficult given their new financial status to remain one of the guys/gals in the office/workshop/wherever.

If I could choose what to do and had complete freedom of choice money being guaranteed I would almost certainly continue along the path of producing images as a photographer.

c’est tout


One thought on “Postaday2011 – What would I do?

  1. I think doing something creative like photography would probably be a popular answer to this one. I’d say lucky for you that’s what you already do, but it’s not just luck but hard work and determination that got you there most likely.

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