Postaday2011 – It’s been a bad week…

My posts have been a bit erratic for the last few days and for that I apologise, in my defence I have to tell you that it has not been a good week.

In the last seven days two people I knew well have died and another is back in hospital for more treatment which will almost certainly involve an operation and quite possibly more chemotherapy and radiation.

It is bad enough when someone older than you dies and it is a truism that as you get older you start to lose friends at an ever increasing rate but when someone you have worked with for many years dies and they are a few years younger than you then it hits home rather harder.

As far as I can gather my ex-colleague dropped dead, possibly from a heart attack, a great way to go if you’re over 80 perhaps but in your fifties this is not so clever. From where I sit nearer sixty than fifty my children are grown up, standing – more or less – on their own two feet and forging lives and careers for themselves. I can’t remember but I don’t think my friend’s kids are quite as old. I’m a bit vague on this because we haven’t worked together for a while and details are sketchy. How quickly we lose touch.

The other gentleman was a really nice bloke, just 67, another cancer statistic to add to the list. I hadn’t seen him since he retired from his business but like the other chap he too will be missed by all who knew him.

My father died aged 69, he dropped down dead early one Saturday morning, I could be facetious and say it ruined my weekend but like the death of anyone you know well it has a profound and long lasting effect on you.

Carpe Diem, never was this more true.


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