Postaday2011 – What’s the point…

…of my blog?

Well the answer as you might expect is not a simple black or white response. I, like most other bloggers, write for a variety or reasons. In my case I thought it would be good to keep my mind actively engaged in ‘writing mode’ as it is something I enjoy doing and I look forward to reviewing  more camera equipment, hopefully in the not too distant future, Terry please note.

I find writing stimulating and I enjoy the prospect of looking at the suggested daily topic and trying to make that work for me. It has definitely enabled me to write more fluently and quickly. What at the beginning of the year might have taken a hour or two I can now complete in half or less of that time. I also like the challenge of trying not to repeat words too often, like challenge or prospect.

It would be too easy to label it vanity publishing, I write and hopefully you read and leave nice comments. It is very gratifying if you leave a few words to say that you enjoyed it or that it prompted you to think about something in a different light but it’s not a great work of literature and never will be. I am not attempting to change public opinion.
I am however conscious that there are certain unwritten rules to writing for public consumption, libel being one of them. I am also careful not to include anything offensive or too personal although to be truly expressive there will be times when I reveal perhaps a shade to much detail. It can be difficult to convey emotion without exposing one’s soul.

Writing everyday is time consuming and depending on the subject can absorb you in quite a lot of preparatory thinking but it is good fun and worth a try. What’s the point? Well if nothing else it proves you can still do it, in my case forty years after I stopped writing essays on oxbow lakes or the reform acts of 1832, now that really was a dull read.

So if I miss one it’s nothing personal, something will have gotten in the way. A distraction that cannot be overlooked and no matter how hard I try cannot be expunged from my consciousness, which is why today there are two blogs to make up for one I missed over the weekend.


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