Postaday2011 – What would I change if I was President for the day?

As I live in the UK it’s more difficult for me to deliver a good blog on this subject, but I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest that being president of the USA is probably a thankless task guaranteed to make you old before your time. I have noticed that Barrack Obama’s hair looks a lot greyer than it did when he entered the oval office a couple of years ago.

He has at his disposal the full might of the American military, but if I understand the system correctly he does not enjoy the unanimous support of congress so trying to pass any of his legislation must be an uphill struggle. From this side of the Atlantic we witnessed the tortured passage of the healthcare reform bill thorough to statute. It’s difficult to comprehend why this act polarised the country so dramatically. We have a National Health Service free at the point of delivery to all but we also have a very healthy, excuse the pun, private sector working alongside. They can and do co-exist and I don’t believe that the private sector has damaged the NHS or vice versa. They compliment each other.

It must be disappointing to him that having promised to close Guantanamo in the first year he has not been able to do so. Being president is a no win occupation, if he had succeeded a whole swathe of people would say it was the wrong decision and an equally large number will feel he has let them down.

So why does someone like Mr Obama put his name forward for what on the surface appears to be such an unrewarding career move? I don’t believe it’s because they want to be loved because at any given time there will be millions of people who don’t like your policies, or what you stand for. It can’t be the money, I’m sure a good attorney could earn much more. So why, like many previous incumbents he will almost certainly tell you it was because he wanted to improve the lives of the citizens of America. All very laudable and worthy. Will he be remembered for any of the good things he did, probably not life isn’t like that.


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