Postaday2011 – Making lists

We were looking at a list of top ten books not to read before you die just yesterday and I hadn’t read any of them. I’m not sure if this is something to be proud of. Looking at a list of books to read before you die produces a similar result, I seem to be reading the wrong sort of books.

The suggestion for this post is to make a list of favourite things to do you haven’t done in over a year. Top my my list would be to visit Italy, so we’re giving Sicily a bit of research. Now the pedantic among you might argue that this is not strictly Italy being an island detached from the main country but it isn’t  far across the water from one to the other. There are a couple of restaurants we haven’t been to for a while, Theo Randall was pretty good the last time so it would be nice to go there again. There’s also a rather splendid pub in North Norfolk that we like so lunch there would be good too. The beach is also becoming a fairly hight priority, despite living less than 25 miles fro the nearest sea and sand it must be six months since I last walked barefoot through the surf. Perhaps we could combine some of these events – Sicily + beach + great Italian restaurants. Sounds like a plan to me. We haven’t been to an exhibition for a few months or the theatre, need to get out there and do.


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