Postaday2011 – The Royal Wedding

Apparently there is a wedding taking place in London on Friday. If you have caught any of Sky News in the last ten days or so you cannot possibly fail to know about this. I imagine the BBC, ITV and all other news organisations will be the same. A royal wedding is a big event and people are justifiably excited at the prospect but I do feel overkill is an appropriate word to describe the current hysteria. I know it’s important and no doubt it will be a very impressive spectacle but is it really necessary for Eamon Holmes et al to be on air covering it from 6:00 am? I have a bad feeling that anyone and everyone will be interviewed and at some point they may be reduced to interviewing the cat who lives next door to then man who opened the window of the car that came down The Mall second or possibly even last.

In this country we know how to cover a state occasion, very good we are at it too and I will be watching I’m sure just not at 6 am although I have a very bad feeling there will be nothing else on all day.

I wish them every happiness in their married life together and once the dust has settled perhaps we can leave them alone so they can get on with living it in private.


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