Postaday2011 – The worst driver I know

I used to work with a bloke, lovely fella do anything for you, heart of gold all that kind of stuff but get in a car with him? No way!

To be completely fair it wasn’t his fault, he had a problem, some sort of illness and he fell asleep at the wheel – all the time. I was once coming down the M6 motorway with him, we were in the outside lane overtaking a line of cars and when he didn’t respond to my conversation I looked and his head was resting on the seatbelt completely gone.
In the end I had no choice I had to report it and he was no longer allowed to drive for the company. I felt really bad about doing it but I wasn’t the only one who had experienced a terrifying ride with him. As his immediate supervisor I had to do something before someone got killed. The trouble was you could be having a perfectly normal conversation one minute and the next he was gone. To be fair to him and me it wasn’t only in the car, he could and did fall asleep almost anywhere at work. It got to a point where he couldn’t be left alone because he was becoming a danger to himself and his colleagues. I don’t know what happened to him, I left and he remained with the firm. I hope someone persuaded him to seek proper medical attention because it was ruining his life. I wonder what became of him, I must try and find out.


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