Postaday2011 – That wedding and more

Of course I watched, along with millions of other people, the wedding of the year yesterday, how could I not? The television went on some time around 08:00 and stayed on till after the balcony kiss. Then we had lunch.

Had I missed any of the action it was reprised regularly throughout the day and it’s still being shown today. This morning we were treated to the news that the guests at last night’s bash were safely back at their hotel by 3:00am. The latest information is that the happy couple are not going on honeymoon after all but just having a quiet weekend away before William returns to work next week. Well that certainly wrong footed all the media.

Almost all the newspapers had the same front page photo, only The Times had a different picture, William & Catherine in dad’s vintage Aston Martin driving away from Buckingham Palace. The Independent went off piste and led with an illustration by the wonderful Tracy Emin, I have no idea what the hardcore Indi readers thought but it was not well received on any of the newspaper reviews I saw either last night or this morning.

It was one of those days when one is proud to be British, the ability to organise such an enormous event is something we in the UK do exceedingly well.

There is other news, but it’s all very depressing.


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