Postaday2011 – Wine by the glass

I’m going to need some help here because I have a question for you…

When you go out to a restaurant and I’m including pubs with restaurants in this and you order a glass of wine how does it come? Let me explain…

Last week I took my wife and daughter to a recommended pub restaurant that features in the Michelin Red Guide. I’m not going to bore you with a description of the A la carte lunch we had suffice to say I thought it was OK but no better. What really annoys me and this is where you come in is that I have come to expect to be shown the bottle when I order a glass of wine and this didn’t happen.

Is this only something that occurs in a very few restaurants?

Regular readers will know that my favourite restaurant in London is Locanda Locatelli and I make no apology for praising the continued excellence of both the food and service here. If I order a glass of wine or Prosecco the bottle will be brought to the table for me to try. There is no assumption that it will do simply because I haven’t ordered a bottle.

In the pub restaurant I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at £7.50, heading confidently towards what you might pay in LL or a similar establishment. Before you start I have paid a lot more and I am well aware that this is the lower end of the scale for a glass of something half decent. But the principal remains the same, I am being asked to accept a glass of liquid from behind the bar that frankly could be any old sav blanc or might be the dregs of a bottle open for several days.

Am I alone in feeling this is no longer acceptable?

It’s not something I’ve spent sleepless nights over but when you get a glass of merely passable wine but no better you do start to question the system.

Over to you – comments, criticisms or compliments all welcome.


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