Postaday2011 – Today we vote

I was woken early this morning, before six, when something was pushed through our letterbox. Turned out to be a Liberal Democrat flyer with the words Good Morning on one side and some blurb about their local election candidate on the reverse. At a more civilised hour I received a letter from the Conservative candidate posted 2nd class again encouraging me to get out and vote. Nothing from Labour or the Greens, but then the Greens are probably saving paper and I wouldn’t want to pick up the tab for the Conservatives postage. So what happened to Labour? I do take my hat off to the LibDems though for being so organised as to have some poor soul out before six pushing leaflets through doors.

I have been to the polling station, voted in the local council election and the AV referendum. Well done me. Tomorrow morning we will know not just the result but also just how many people bothered to make the effort. It never ceases to amaze me how many don’t vote when the right to do so has been so hard won and was denied to women for so long. We get the councillors and MPs we deserve if we do not take part in the election process.

There is little doubt that there will be no real winners in the AV debacle, if the Yes campaign win we could end up with more hung parliaments, a more diverse selection of MPs from fringe groups and according to the proponents a better form of government. If the No camp win then the coalition may well be severely damaged  and Nick Clegg in for a very rough ride and not just from his party members. AV is a system used by only three other countries in the world, it’s not really what the LibDems wanted, PR was their goal, and I’ve read that at least one of the users wants to ditch it. Hardly a recommendation.

I personally can’t wait to know how this will pan out, at a stroke the LibDems could find themselves back in the political wilderness by forcing a referendum on the way we elect MPs. Their desire to have what they see as a fairer system could remove the very power they have waited decades for. With the exception of Mr Clegg and a very few others they have hardly covered themselves in glory thus far.

Tomorrow will be interesting…


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