Postaday2011 – What do you see – A Fuji X100 :-)

The full instruction involved looking right or left I don’t remember then counting the objects you see and writing about number three.

The first thing that came into my head was the Louis Armstrong classic What a wonderful world… I see trees of green…. red roses too, I bet you can hear the music in your head I know I can. So what do I see when I look around me, right now I see a Fuji X100 camera. I have it on loan and my intention is to write a review of said device.

When I unpacked the camera yesterday my immediate impression was that it was smaller than I had expected. This is the fault of the internet, everything can be enlarged to reveal detail and for some reason I had assumed it would be more chunky than it is. This is a double edged sword of course as diminutive means it will slip happily into a jacket pocket whereas chunky just makes your clothing fit badly. I would suggest it is best described as a compact with aspirations, it’s certainly a nice looking piece of kit and the ability to shoot RAW images makes it stand out from the sea of compact cameras available in the shops at the moment. Why RAW, well if you aspire to do anything more with your images than just pop them into Boots for printing then the RAW format is what you need. As you might guess from the term RAW it captures data uncorrected offering photographers more flexibility in how they treat the file. What is immediately a nice touch is the electronic viewfinder option. To those of you used to squinting at the LCD on the back of a compact this is a refreshing change and one that I suspect we will see a lot more of. The really impressive part is the sensor by the eyepiece so that when you raise the camera to your eye the image flips from LCD screen to viewfinder. Want to know something else? You can review your image in the viewfinder, genius. This is the sort of innovation you might expect from Fuji with their long history of producing good kit for pros and top notch film. More power to their elbow is what I say.

I’ll be posting more on this nifty little camera once I have had the chance to get out and take some pictures with it, but here’s one I prepared earlier. It’s a Tulip tree if you’re interested.

Full frame
100% crop

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