Postaday2011 – that football match

I didn’t watch the match last night, after all the hype Man U were carrying it was extremely unlikely they would win. I have a theory that hype is inversely proportional to quality / performance and it is generally pretty accurate.

Look at the history… Barca as I believe they are called are possibly the most successful team in Europe, the world maybe and have won this competition more than once in the last few years. Their opponents the much vaunted Manchester United last won it something like forty years ago so come on who would you put your cash on? We went out for dinner, much more fun and undoubtedly more relaxing. So now we get all the garbage and stats about why they are soo much better, home grown stars plus a few very good signings from top clubs around the world, step forward a mister  Messi from Argentina.

Man U won the Premier league not because they were the best team but because Chelsea went off the boil and Arsenal lost the plot. Simples. And now it seems that nice Mr Ancelotti is on his way because he failed to win silverware two years running. Down the road Arsene Wenger is having his own problems with a team full of promise but lacking that certain something that gives them the winning edge. The one thing they have in Man U is stability, players who have been with the club long term and a manager with a history of guiding them to a result – probably by hurling huge amounts of abuse at them in the changing rooms at half time, but it works. I don’t know what the secret of Barcelona’s success is but if you could bottle it there is a fortune to be made. Well done them, they deserved to win.

From the highlights I saw on SkyNews and the summary from commentators they were by far the better team, worthy winners all that stuff. MU looked pretty fed up at the end and I guess with good reason. They didn’t just walk in to that final though they had to work to get there so although they are one of my least favourite teams I salute them for their achievement, but I’m secretly very happy that they lost.




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