Postaday2011 – Celebrity obsessed trivia

I am thoroughly fed up with hearing about X-factor, BGT as it’s now called, some small boy called Ronan and the long running saga of Cheryl Cole and the American show.

In this small over populated island we have become obsessed with celebrity. Once upon a time if you asked the average teenage girl what she wanted to do the answer would be a hairdresser or a secretary now all they seem to want to do is be pop stars or models and marry a footballer. Boys wanted to drive trains, fly fighter jets or make stuff. What has happened to us that our lives have become so vacuous that our children aspire to follow in the footsteps of these people? The endless diet of so called “reality shows” don’t help and yet if you scratch away the veneer of gloss most of these people are struggling with the same problems of everyday life that we are just on a different scale.

SInce April 29th when a Miss Middleton married a prince her small sister has been propelled into a spotlight so bright we are treated to every detail of her social life. This week it has been possible to discover that not only did she watch some tennis in Paris but stayed in a rather nice apartment in a  very good arrondissement and partied in the best nightclubs Paris has to offer. So what, do I care, do you? Why on earth should I be concerned as to where and with whom this young lady goes. I think we are a poorer society for allowing ourselves to be led by the nose into this trough of nonsense.

In Paris I have spotted only one poster referring to Dominic Strauss- Kahn, the cover of Le nouvel Observateur magazine. I heard a discussion with a journalist explaining that while the citizens of the republic were interested in such things there was more concern over who would lead the opposition to Sarkozy in the next election if DSK should be unavailable. Likewise rather than getting in a froth about the possibility of a Carla Bruni baby the interest in France would seem to be… will a baby help Nicholas win the election? The answer if you’re interested appears to be yes.
You can see the difference in our two approaches. Which do you prefer?


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