Postaday2011 – I want to be President

Actually I don’t but hopefully I have your attention now.

It appears to me from this side of the Atlantic that to become President of the United States takes an enormous amount of money and vast determination. To be adopted as the official candidate you have to travel all over the country meeting thousands of people, supposedly party supporters, and ingratiate yourself and your partner to them for week after week until the vote. Once you are the candidate there is more campaigning to do and then another election and for what? So you can sit in the oval office and carry the worries of the world on your shoulders. There is no doubt that the USA is the most powerful country in the world and with that power comes responsibility, not just for America but for helping other nations in times of trouble.

Mr Obama has recently visited the UK and I believe it was a very successful trip. From what I have previously read these visits are planned years in advance, probably before he was even elected the date for the visit had been pencilled in. What comes with him has to be seen to be believed. We are told that the car he travels in has eight inch thick doors, well you wouldn’t want that blowing shut on your leg! bullet proof glass, his own air supply and no doubt state-of-the-art communications systems. The convoy comprises many gentlemen and probably ladies who look as if they mean business – a don’t mess with me look, together with numerous vehicles that arrive in advance. Everywhere he speaks there is the ever present bullet proof glass. When you become president you get the equivalent of super deluxe, executive premier first class treatment (can you think of any more superlatives?) wherever you go with 24 hour security. I’m just popping out to the newsagent, I don’t think so Mr President. Your days of popping anywhere without a, let’s guess, 20 strong accompaniment of security officers is not going to happen. The maximum for a president is two four year terms so eight years on you have to leave that gilded cage for an alternative address. But the security guys and gals stay with you, for as long as you live. Imagine that, never being able to go anywhere on your own.

I’m sure there are people who would say that it’s the greatest job in the world and it has some very positive aspects, however the price you pay is a high one. Not all have made it to the end of their term and some never got beyond campaigning.

If I was an American citizen and eligible I would not stand, it is both the greatest and the worst job on earth and yet there are people so driven that yet again they are throwing their hats into the ring for another chance. Why, are they mad?


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