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I saw a tweet today recommending a Will writing service that also offered to prepare Lasting Power of Attorney applications at what appeared to be a very reasonable cost. Now I’m not a fully paid up member of the solicitors fan club but I do acknowledge that there are occasions when only a properly trained and qualified solicitor will do and an LPA is in my opinion one of those times. I also happen to believe that despite the obvious saving in an off the shelf internet will writing kit you are probably better biting the bullet and paying for a professional to do the job. This is not necessarily because they will do the work any better it’s just nice to know that if they screw up you do have some recourse to compensation although I assume that even the most experienced will writer will boast professional indemnity but I’m not prepared to take the risk. The difference in cost to ensure you get it right will save a small fortune at a very difficult time if you get it wrong. It costs a few hundred pounds for an LPA but if you have to go to court to get one you can add another zero to the bill.

When we needed an LPA the solicitor came to the house, I think this is probably standard practice now so it annoys me to see it inferred that this is a service will writers offer that others may not. The cost, well we live in a competitive age and even the most sniffy of solicitors is well aware that it is a buyer’s market. I accept that there are solicitors who take the attitude that they charge what they do because of who they are but… I wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix my car… you can work the rest out yourself.


One thought on “Postaday2011 – WIll writers

  1. My Dad has done his own, and for my Mum. I’m sure they will be fine if we ever need them, he is very thorough. As for wills, my husband’s father had one done at a solicitor and it was horrendous, all twisty and hard to understand, possible to interpret in two different ways. And his mother’s solicitor has inveigled his way into being an executor, to make money, which we find very dodgy. So I have to say I am not sure I agree with you!

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