Postaday2011 – Dirty Sexy Things

Now I don’t mind admitting I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model but some of the model agencies I know scorn programmes like this because they’re not cool. But there is one thing I have always believed, you never stop learning and you’re never to old to learn. So I watch just in case the photo challenge throws up something interesting and you might pick up  new lighting or posing tips. You could sarcastically add posing the totally talentless but that would be unfair for some of these girls modelling offers the chance to escape from dead end jobs towns or lives…

Recently I learnt that a model I had photographed was in Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model so I set Sky+ to lock on to the transmission of the “Boot Camp”episode on Monday. The iPhone Sky app also offers you similar programmes that you might also like, hence Dirty Sexy Things.

It is interesting to watch how Tyra Banks handles telling the girls who don’t make it and contrast that with Elle MacPherson’s approach. I prefer the short sharp harder style of ANTM, rather than the chat with Elle on the sofa, it takes up so much time. The word in TV parlance is “padding” and there is a lot of it in the programme. Out of curiosity I also recorded Dirty Sexy Things, my G*d what a contrast. Whereas ANTM & BINTM are dealing with wannabes this is about models already signed to agencies. As one of the girls says her life consists of travelling across London going to loads of castings in the hope of securing a job. This week’s show had the models in a boat off the coast of Kent being photographed with fish that was no longer saleable. Nice. It’s on E4 and this is the first series. The premise of the programme appears to be that Perou is having an exhibition and wants to shoot some special material for it. I first saw Perou in Make me a Supermodel, where he was both a judge and  one of the photographers, a show that had both boys and girls competing for the coveted top prize. Interestingly the final three were all boys, a young boy of 18, an Englishman of in his twenties and a Caribbean ex dancer, the wrong one won of course, that’s not just my opinion, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

If you want to see a programme portraying a more realistic vision of the modelling world this could be the one for you.

Dirty Sexy Things E4HD Mondays 10:00pm. Also available on 4 on demand but the first programme expires soon.


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