Postaday2011 – Young death

I saw a boy yesterday,  judging from the way he was riding his moped I guess he hadn’t long turned 16 and gotten his provisional licence. It reminded me of when I was nearly sixteen and like most of the boys in my year I wanted a Lambretta 125.

Something happened though a couple of weeks before my birthday. A boy just a few weeks older than me was killed on his scooter very near to his home. It wasn’t that we were particularly close, his dad knew my dad and the accident struck a rather loud chord in our household. Scooters became a no no. I was lucky, in the next two or three years a disproportionately high number of my friends died in scooter or motorbikes accidents. They weren’t all reckless, some took unnecessary risks but the majority were just unlucky. Living in an area with a lot of narrow country lanes just increased the chance of meeting something more solid than you on a bend. One boy hit an ice cream van, he didn’t stand a chance. Perhaps the saddest was the one who was adopted. So many young lives.

Now we have lost one of the brightest talents in British pop music, the tragic loss of a child no matter what their age hits families very hard. You do your best as a parent to teach them all you know so that they might avoid making the mistakes you made, you want them to succeed where you failed. To do better, but they don’t listen, they know best, you don’t understand, it’s never happened to you. Sadly we do and it has, we’ve been there. The price of discovering for yourself can have tragic consequences. RIP Amy, you will be missed.


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