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I love magazines, stupid I know but there you are. Time permitting I would probably read more but at the moment I have three on subscription, GQ is the longest surviving read followed by Photo Pro or Photo Professional as it is rebranded (subscription expired) and my latest indulgence Intelligent Life. I prefer a magazine to a book because of the diversity of articles and the quality of the imagery. On this basis it would be hard to fault GQ. Intelligent Life is an excellent and stimulating quarterly publication although I see it will be bi-monthly soon which represents a significant increase in the work load for the good people at the Economist who put it together. Photo Pro is a bit more of a problem. I’ve been reading this for a couple of years now and on balance it’s pretty good ( I had two articles published last year) but it does have a tendency to lean towards social photography, mainly weddings. I don’t do weddings anymore, stopped twenty odd years ago. The whole wedding industry has become so commercialised its obscene and although it’s lucrative I want no part of it.

Sometimes though only a book will do and I have returned to one of my favourite authors, John Le Carré, writer of the excellent Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. soon to be on the big screen in a new adaption. The BBC version with Alec Guinness was brilliant and having seen the brief trailer for the film I have high hopes for this movie.

The book I have been reading, A most wanted man, over the last couple of days is quite short a mere 340 pages but follows the usual Le Carré pattern of intrigue and deception. However it falls back on the familiar, the outcast spy, the one who doesn’t quite fit the mould and is banished to the countryside or in this case from Berlin to Hamburg. It’s a good read and I had forgotten just what an excellent storyteller he is, the devil is in the detail and there is a fair amount of that here. Throw in the odd foreign word and technical term culled from a retinue of advisors and you have the recipe for another good yarn. It’s not a new book, it has sat on the shelf for rather too long collecting dust. I shall be sorry to reach the end but I need to know what happens to the protagonists, Issa, Annabel and Brue. It’s not a desperately complicated tale but if you like the genre then get hold of a copy, find a quiet spot and lose yourself for a couple of days.


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