Postaday2011 – Dirty Sexy Things, now it’s all over

Back at the end of July I wrote about Dirty Sexy Things, an E4 programme on a Monday night. If you would like to see what I said it was on the 28th July.

At the time I suggested this was perhaps a slightly more accurate portrayal of life as a model, I should learn keep my mouth shut or my fingers off the keyboard. I have now seen all the programmes and as a photographer the bits I enjoyed featured the excellent Perou, (twitter: @mrperou )I’m a photographer, I take photographs in such diverse locations as a giant tank in Essex (underwater shots) and Iceland, a country I’d rather like to visit. On the basis of watching episode five with much trailing round castings sessions and a couple of the earlier episodes I wrote my original blog. With hindsight, such a benefit, it is my opinion that the makers of the series pretty much left the models with alcohol to see what they got up to. If you feel this is an unfair assessment then please post a comment but by the end of the series there seemed to be 90% models having a good time and only about 5% Perou behind the camera, usually a Hasselblad. This ultimately was a disappointment, for the benefit of TV much of the mundane events that make up a model’s working life had been cast aside to portray a “party lifestyle”.

There were odd nuggets, for example where BB (twitter: @DirtySexyBB) had to decide between going to Paris for fashion week and being seen, i.e earning no money or jetting off to Oz to dance. As he said I need the money. The cameras followed him as he went to Paris & Milan to try to find an agent. Despite being rejected by a couple of companies he successfully secured representation in both countries.

The one person who failed to shine was Ariella, a model determined not to compromise on the clothing she was prepared to wear for any shoot repeatedly stating that she wanted options. In this game the photographer has the options, you the model do as requested or your don’t get asked again. I suspect Perou was obliged to at least include her in some of the programmes, the fact that she walked off set because she didn’t like the clothing or the lack of it really did her no favours at all. As the series went on she became more of a joke than anything else. A pity because as the other models agreed in Iceland she did have a good walk.

In the last programme the models went to view the shots chosen by Perou for his exhibition, some were disappointed particularly Jesse, who despite being a very photogenic guy just missed the cut on more than one occasion. Jay (twitter: @JayCamilleri) confessed he realised too late he probably should have put more effort in and the others just fell by the wayside. The undoubted stars were BB & Charlotte (twitter: @CharlDeCarle), two models who worked hard to deliver great shots every time and OceanMoon (twitter: @midknightocean) who when everything came together looked stunning.

Will there be a series 2? I suppose it depends on the ratings and what the advertisers thought. If it were down to me I would give it a second airing but with some changes, less glamour and more real life. Modelling is hard, like acting there are too many people chasing too little work and this needs to come across. More photography would definitely be a bonus, Perou just oozes enthusiasm. One thing I am fairly sure of, you won’t be seeing Ariella again any time soon. No great loss there then.

Agree or disagree? Feel free to post a comment.


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