Postaday2011 – The perfect Sunday

Is there such a thing as a perfect Sunday? I was lucky enough to have one recently that turned out to be pretty darn close to perfect.

The daughter, with boyfriend in tow, came home for the August bank holiday weekend late on the Friday evening. Saturday was a bit of a scramble to get her around all the people that needed to be seen and we finally sat down for a drink about eight. Because it’s not every weekend she comes home we had Fillet steak au poivre and fries, a really nice dessert and another glass of Champagne. Good times! So good I was concerned that the lunch booked for Sunday might be an anti-climax after such a nice evening.

Sunday arrived and with it a few rays of sunshine, one of them in the shape of a visiting cat who thinks nothing of throwing himself at your feet and rolling around making the appropriate noises. Lunch was booked for 12:30 so although breakfast was a fairly lazy affair it wasn’t the “full English”. Our meals were excellent and Happisburgh beach was great fun, a bit breezy on the cliffs but once on the beach we were sheltered from the wind. This week’s Monday picture was taken there and it was while capturing this image that I got not only wet shoes and jeans but also much of my shirt soaked. My immediate reaction was to thrust the camera above my head thereby moving it out of reach of the surf, I’ve been caught like this before and cameras do not like salt water.

Here’s the picture… hope you like it. You can see more images here in the Personal section.


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