Postaday 2011 – Film review

I went slightly reluctantly to see Jane Eyre, we had been to our local Odeon to see Tinker Tailor which in my opinion as a die hard Le Carre fan is pretty good, I’ve seen the Alec Guiness mini series and read the book three times. But the tale of Miss Eyre wasn’t a story I knew well and certainly not one I’d read.

On our first attempt to see the movie we came away disappointed, not because it was full but for some reason it had been pulled to make way for something else. We ended up going at 1:30 a week later and were surprised to find more people there than for Tinker Tailor. The story is, I am assured, classic Bronte, beautifully shot, lit cast etc etc. and pretty much in tact although my wife says if finishes a bit sooner than it should. If you have this down as a girlie film then you’re probably right, having said that I enjoyed far more than I thought I would and can therefore throughly recommend it.


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