POSTADAY 2011 – The best breakfast

Choosing a best breakfast is actually quite difficult as it pretty much depends on where you happen to be. For example I would never dream of having a “full English” in France. Breakfast consists of fresh croissant and café, in Paris at Le Deux Magots. Other venues are available but this is our favourite.

Breakfast on the train used to be my one opportunity to indulge in Kippers but since they removed the restaurant car from the Norwich to London service this is no longer possible.

At home most of the time cereal is the mainstay of the morning together with tea or coffee depending on mood. I don’t know how many people still sit down to a “full English” but once in a while sausage, bacon, beans and tomato is a brilliant way to start the day – providing you have nothing to do for an hour or so while your digestive system catches up.

Which is the best breakfast? Kippers are undoubtedly the healthiest. Perhaps the fishy option is best.


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