The right camera

It’s been a while, sorry, but here’s a blog in response to another blog…. this one by Scott Kelby entitled “This can’t be a good photo, Because”  and if you read on the reason is because he used a cheap digital camera with a low resolution, a tripod from Walmart etc etc. I found it because I follow Scott on twitter ( @ScottKelby ).

Photography is about capturing the moment, given the choice I would prefer to shoot medium format, I also have a DLSR but the camera I have with me 100% of the time is in my iPhone 5 and while it’s never going to produce images I can enlarge big, for a go anywhere shoot in now camera it’s great. The picture I want to share with you wasn’t taken on my phone, I took it with a Minolta Dimage X in June 2002, Lightroom tells me it was at 1/100 sec, f3.6, 17.1mm lens & ISO100. Do we care about this information? No of course not, I go the picture that’s all that matters. For the record it’s a 2Megapixel camera, a 960 x 1280 JPEG and it’s a one moment never to be repeated shot.

These two cats are brother and sister. I never saw them sit together like this again and I know that had I run off to get my 35mm SLR they would have moved by the time I got back. Of course we all want to shoot fantastic shots that can be blown up to fill the wall but… See it, capture it, enjoy it.

Time waits for no man, not even photographers. Hope you like the picture.

Copyright Murray Laidlaw © 2002-2013
Copyright Murray Laidlaw © 2002-2013

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