The Monday Picture

No: 394: La mer du nord


Father’s Day, June 18th 2017 we went up to Cromer to enjoy some sunshine and blue skies. I’d been ill all weekend and it was a real effort to go but I was so glad I made it. Really lovely to out in the fresh Norfolk sea air.

One of the last images I took on the little Fuji X-T10 now replaced by it’s slightly larger higher spec’d big brother the X-T2. Gone too is the little 16-50mm f3.5 -5.6 replaced by a larger 16 – 55mm f2.8. They had served me well these last two years. I bough the camera / lens kit to photograph our new granddaughter and we have many fine photos of her but it was time to make the jump. Also going is the Canon kit. The 16-55mm is no smaller than the Canon 24-105mm but its faster and lighter.
Fuji X-T10, 16-50mm – ISO200, 1/1500s, f5.6


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