The Monday Picture

No: 391 En Vrac

En Vrac

Wine stored in stainless steel containers “en vrac” which translates roughly to “bulk”. In France  you’ll find wine shops selling local wines en vrac to take home in demijohn containers etc. Always cheaper than bottled and often excellent quality as here. Sold by the glass in this café bar deli.

Fuji X-T10, ISO:800, 1/80th, f5.6. The 50mm end of the 16-50 Fuji kit zoom lens.

The Monday Picture

No: 386 On the beach

On the beach

Back in February the weather was colder but it was brighter. All this week, it has been around 10℃ and raining. Miserable. So I have decided to share this image with you of a sunny day, I hope you like it. Full screen is better obviously so here is a link to my website 

Taken with the Canon 5D MKII, Canon 24-105 zoom (24mm), ISO:200, 1/125s, f7.1