The Monday Picture

No. 346: Windbreaks on the beach

Windbreaks on the beach


I can remember back in the early 1960s possibly even the late 50s going to the seaside with my parents, grandma and auntie and trying to help my father put up a windbreak. The theory was we could all shelter behind it free out of the wind and protected from the sand carried on the breeze. Sandwiches never tasted so gritty.

These two brightly coloured examples are on the beach at Aldeburgh in Suffolk (UK) where the wind blows quite a lot of the time. But it is lovely.

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The Monday Picture

Tortoiseshell butterfly

Tortoiseshell butterfly on Verbena
Tortoiseshell butterfly on Verbena

This week I have been shooting with the excellent Phase One XF IQ3-100, a medium format camera with a 100MP back. The image above is a relatively small section of the frame as you can see below…

CF003977_2016_07_11 2

But I hope you will agree the quality is superb. However I will not be placing an order anytime soon. As they are priced in Euros it’s difficult to give you an exact figure buy its a serious investment.