The Monday Picture… ciao

I decided to let The Monday Picture retire gracefully at 499 posts.
You don’t have to be a maths genius to work out that at fifty posts per year it had been running for almost ten years and to be honest it had lost the sharp edge it once had when I started it to amuse my daughter at her desk on a Monday morning. Back then it was more likely to be an image of two mannequins with speech bubbles commenting on events than it has been since it gained a wider audience who would not understand references to people we knew. At it’s most popular there was also an iPhone app that had a much larger following than the email, the problem with a link or icon you had to click to see the image meant that about forty percent never made it to the website it was intended to promote. Incorporating the image within the email meant I couldn’t track which followers clicked through to the website. Having said that with an industry average in single figures the response I received was well above what was accepted as normal so something was working.
It was fun, challenging and inspiring and there were hardly any images of people, one of the criteria I set at the outset – shop mannequins don’t count.

So here’s the final image, for the moment…