Postaday 2011 – 15/350 My very own time machine

Wow, a time machine. The brief is what date would you go to for an hour. Well that’s not long is it? Just time for a quick assessment of the situation and off you go back to where you came from. I read a fellow blogger’s post last night about how he would spend time with his parent’s in the week before they died. I don’t think I could do that, I lost my father suddenly 12 years ago, how could I look him in the eye knowing he was about to die? I’m also reluctant to go forward, far too risky, you never know what you might discover. Winning Euro Lottery numbers, tempting, well yes actually but not really in the spirit of this blog. So where and when should one go?

I’ve spent rather too long thinking about this and as I was making a cup of tea, always helps, it came to me. I’m not sure and we can’t possibly know if having gone back in time you can change the course of events but… for the purpose of this I’m going ask you to accept that I can alter the course of history. In my time machine there are two options one very serious and one more light hearted, I’ll give you both. You have to accept that by using the time machine I also acquire some degree of influence over people.

Here is the first option, I would go back in time to 1914 and in the very short space of time I have convince the King that he must go to Germany to prevent the 1st world war. I might even have to take him there in my machine. Having watched several documentaries I am reasonably confident that the whole problem could have been solved if only the people at the heart of the dispute had sat down and talked to each other, after all they were all related. I appreciate this is over simplification but it’s my time machine and it’s a force for good. By doing this it might even have prevented the second world war. It would undoubtedly have changed the course of history and saved millions of lives.

Here’s an alternative for you to consider. I would like to arrive on the moon about  a quarter of an hour before Neil Armstrong and greet him as he descends the steps.  Now that would be an interesting scenario.

More tomorrow… Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Postaday 2011 – 15/350 My very own time machine

  1. it is not as impossible as one could think: because that was filmed by stanley kubrick in a london film studio. no human being ever has been on the moon! but in london film studios many …

  2. Great post! As for the first…without the 2nd world war, what would have become of us? The second, ya, especially if you were non-human! Enjoyed this much!

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry the link did not work. Very happy to learn that you like my posts. Today was difficult, the time machine was more enjoyable to write.

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